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bagpipes playing near Clan Tents

Welcome to Athena Caledonian Games, where we bring the Scottish highlands to the heart of Northeast Oregon! Our festival is a celebration   of the sights, sounds and traditions of Scotland in a relaxed, family-friendly environment, surrounded by shady trees and golden wheat fields. Admission is free, so gather your clan and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Nessie banner on park gazebo

At Athena Caledonian Games, we believe in the power of community and tradition. Our festival is a tribute to the famous Scottish Highland Games, where clans have gathered for centuries to compete and celebrate their heritage. We aim to keep these traditions alive and create a space where everyone can come together and enjoy being in community.

kilted baby in Athena

Join us for a day of fun and games, with a range of activities tailored to engage and educate people of all ages. Feel the thrill as the pipes call to you. Be amazed as athletes "toss" a caber. Tap your feet as you watch the nimble Highland dancers. Visit the various vendors to sample delicious fare and find unexpected treasures.  The day is yours to enjoy!

Does the sound of bagpipes stir your blood?
We organize and hold a Scottish heritage festival every summer in Athena, Oregon, as a tradition we have preserved since 1899. We celebrate our Scottish culture with athletic games, music, dance and other traditional events. Many local descendants of the early Scottish settlers join with us to keep our ancestors' spirit alive and thriving. 

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